Tuesday, June 23, 2009

James VanOsdol's New Book Project

One of Chicago's finest rock jocks, who sadly is not on the air right now, was James VanOsdol. One of the factors that made him so good was that he knew the music he played inside & out. He was also quite the aficionado of local Chicago artists, from those who where performing their craft in smokey bars at nights to those who made it the national stages. For the last few years, JVO has been writing a book about the Chicago music scene of the 1990's. This town was the epicenter of a great amount of fantastic music during the early 90's. Many artists, such as Smashing Pumpkins, Ministry, Urge Overkill, Material Issue, Liz Phair and Veruca Salt made a national splash, while a lot of artists like the Bad Examples, Red Red Meat, Hello Dave and Cathy Richardson never quite broke the barrier. Regardless, the 90's was the most vibrant time in Chicago rock history since the 60's. JVO's book, which has the working title of "CHICAGO ROCKED! 1990-1999" is almost finished, but does not have a publishing deal. He is hoping to independently publish the book and is currently seeking donations to make that hope a reality. To find out more about the book, and/or make a donation to help this book be published soon, go to this link HERE. The website has only been up for a few days now, but has already gained 13 donations by people wanting to back the book. Best of luck to James on this project of his!

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